Sunday, February 12, 2012

At the Valentine Inn there was a vegetarian banquet. I forget whether it was an everyday occurrence (though I think it was). I think it cost 2 dinar per person (a little under four dollars). Cheap, but you get what you paid for--they had a large, long table set up outside laden with an impossibility of dishes, but the decidedly good ones went quickly and most of the foods all tasted the same--not of much. The staff cooked for the banquet all morning and serving plates kept being replaced from the kitchen as they ran empty. The hit of the banquet the time B- and I attended was a huge, towering bowl of pasta, plain, I think, save for some kind of fat--and maybe cheese? I can't recall; I just recall there was no traditional American pasta sauce on the vat of chopped spaghetti. I also remember fried bean balls similar to falafel, and white dips, and flatbread.

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