Saturday, January 28, 2012

Memories of my journey


Archaeology before the bible
Precolumbian histories of America
Food writing
Languages of the Americas

In Archaeology before the bible (from now on ABB) Prof. B- went through slides of sites in the levant (Israel and Jordan, for the most part) that could have been from my own camera. He flipped through places I had forgotten with names that used to come as quickly as my few words of Hebrew but that are now buried deeper than I had realized, if not gone from me entirely. For the next few months, absent as I'll be from any archaeological fieldwork, instead of taking a moment each day to record the doings of serious archaeologists, I'm going to take a moment to record memories of my travels in the levant. This may not be of any interest to anyone else; I'm using this blog now as a journal of sorts for myself. I want to set aside some of my memories of Israel, whether they be main events or just the way unripe carob beans taste from the tree. All are, in their own way, precious to me.

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